Be Hygienic and Eco-Friendly

Australia has been lucky and diligent enough to have some sort of normalcy in the age of COVID, although things can change in an instant. The rest of the world are not in a similar position, the United States have almost 250,000 new cases a day and new strains of the virus have been identified in the UK and now New Zealand and Australia. Now is not the time to become complacent.  Public hygiene has played an important role in our recovery and maintained our safety. It is still a requirement to regularly clean all surfaces and common areas of cafes and restaurants. Show your customers their safety is your number one priority.

It’s good to keep your area clean and hygienic, but even greater to keep the environment clean! Keeping a restaurant or café clean can be tough on the environment, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many different environmental options to maintain a clean environment. The options range from sustainably sourced products, to products being compostable or biodegradable.

In each State government, there are plans to rid the world of single use, problematic plastic packaging. In most states, the first products they will tackle are plastic straws and cutlery.  This will change what products cafes and restaurants have available to them. But wouldn’t you want to get ahead of the crowd and be environmentally friendly before it’s a government requirement? People love a conscious café and responsible restaurant!

Some state governments had plans to implement this in 2020, however COVID had a different plan. Not all states have released their plans yet on how they want to tackle

single use plastic, but here is what you can expect:

Bamboo Wipes

Bamboo is the fasted growing resource on the planet, growing 3-10 cm per day! This product is sustainably sourced, highly absorbent and completely biodegradable. Once the wipe has been used to its full extent and is disposed of, it will break down back to nature.

The quality and absorbency of the Bamboo Wipe is ideal for collecting all germs and mess on a surface. Keep your business and the environment clean!

Wooden Cutlery Pack

Today’s new normal for hygiene requirements leads to an increase in the amount of packaging used, but it doesn’t have to be all bad for the environment.  You have the option for products that are renewable and break down. The Wooden Cutlery Pack is hygienically sealed to give your customers peace of mind that they are contaminant free. Plus they are conveniently packaged with a napkin for quick service.

The recyclable, kraft paper sleeve also comes barcoded for individual sale. Perfect for retail spaces like supermarkets, cafes and restaurants now providing takeaway options.

PSM Cutlery Pack

PSM Cutlery Packs come in two pre-packaged options. One pack includes a knife, fork, spoon and napkin. The other pack includes a knife, fork and napkin. Both packs are hygienically packaged for all takeaway options.

PSM is made from 30% plastic and 70% plant starch bioplastic. This blend makes them extra strong and a more economical, environmental choice.

Individually Wrapped Paper Straw

3 Ply paper straws are made to last a drink, not a lifetime. These paper straws are made with FSC Certified materials, making them the environmental choice. These straws also come wrapped individually in paper, which is there for an added hygiene barrier.

Straws will be one of the first single use plastics to go, so get ahead of the crowd and get yours now!

Quick Napkin and Dispenser

The quick napkin is made from recycled materials and is still soft to touch. Match this with the Envirochoice dispenser. Showcase your commitment to the environment with the sustainable messaging. Or, you can customize the dispenser with your own messaging.

The quick and easy application of filling the dispensers makes this duo ideal for any takeaway or fast food restaurant that focus on efficiency and hygiene.